$10,000 Matching Gift to Support Self-Sufficiency

We hope our supporters are planning to join us at our fundraiser on September 7th – Barn Fire.  This week we were contacted by an amazing NEW supporter who has decided to bless Light Up Hope with a matching gift of $10,000!

This donor told us she believes in the work we are doing to help the children of Hope Children’s Home and she is specifically interested in investing in initiatives that will promote self-sufficiency at the Kitale property.  We will be starting with investigating the opportunity to provide solar power to the property.

Fred and I received word around March 2013 that there was little chance that we would be able to connect our property to the Kenyan government power grid.  We have dreamed and prayed about a solar option but had no idea how the Lord may illuminate the path to bring this to reality.  The children currently study by candlelight or lantern, they play in the dark in the evenings, and must use the toilets in the dark.  It will drastically improve their lifestyle if they are able to have a power source, especially a dependable and sustainable one like solar energy.  Electricity is one aspect of their lives in Nairobi that was lost in the move to the countryside.

Help make this matching gift achieve it’s goals! JOIN US at Barn fire on September 7th at 6pm, you can RSVP here.   Tickets are FREE, Dinner is FREE, Live Country Rock Band is FREE and there will be many opportunities to contribute to this matching gift.  DONATE

If you can’t make it to Barn Fire but would like to contribute to the Matching Gift Fund DONATE online today.  We have big dreams and we need your generosity to make our dreams for these children a reality.

The sun sets over Hope Children’s Home in Kitale, Kenya

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