5 friends + 5 donations = 1 child

Amazing news came in last night.  We have received a matching gift of $4000 towards our goal of raising $8200 to move the children out of harms way in Nairobi to their new home in western Kenya.

If we can raise $4000 in donations, our generous donor will match our $4000 raised, with an additional $4000.  Can you help us get the donations we need to receive this donation?

There are 30 children living at Hands with Hope Safe HouseIf you have 5 friends, and you are each able to donate $25, you can help move 1 child to Kitale.  $25 is one less dinner out to eat, one less trip to the movies, one less new shirt for summer.  $25 in and out of a pocket hardly seen.  But in Nairobi $25 will mean one step closer to clean water, fresh vegetables, a home miles away from the pollution and corruption of the slums of Nairobi.

Everline is one of the children who needs your help.  Her mother was taken away from her, her father was taken away from her.  But she still has dreams to someday be a doctor and she wants to stay with her family – the children and loving care takers at Hands with Hope.  Are you willing to give this gift to Everline?

Can you find $25 and share this link with 5 friends?

Make a secure donation today through PayPal.  

We also accept donations by check to Light Up Hope:  Light Up Hope P.O. Box 189  Broomfield, CO  80038-0189

Watch this 6 minute video to learn more about Everline and the struggle she is in to keep her home.

[wpvideo CDd05Vc3]

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