$60,000 Matching Gift Announced!


We all have a desire to make a difference and leave a positive mark in the world. This may be your opportunity…

Our BIG DREAM is to Raise $60,000 for orphans in Kenya on October 4th through Barn Fire guests and online giving.  We have two matching gift donors who are willing to match every dollar raised at Barn Fire up to $60,000.  That means we need YOU to consider how you can help Light Up Hope receive every matched dollar.

  • Will you consider being one of 2 people who will make a major gift of $10,000?
  • Maybe you are one of 4 people who will make a substantial impact by donating $5,000.

Maybe you are one of….

  • 6 people open to donating – $1,000
  • 8 people open to donating – $500
  • 10 people open to donating – $300
  • 12 people open to donating – $200
  • 14 people open to donating – $175
  • 16 people open to donating – $100
  • 18 people open to donating – $50

$60,000 = we have reached our goal and have raised over $60,000 and Light Up Hope receives an additional $60,000 through the matching gift!

HOWMONEYUSEDLight Up Hope has many programs designed to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans and impoverished children in Kenya.  Here are two of our current biggest initiatives:

ChildrenMailChimpChildren in Families; Not Just Homes
We strive to provide a spectrum of options to meet the needs of individual children.  This includes small business grants to help guardians break the cycle of poverty so they can provide for orphans in their homes, and monthly support for birth parents who’s only reason to relinquish their child is poverty.  By supporting the adults who are caring for orphaned and impoverished children we can keep children in families where they can recieve the love and personal care each child needs.  Your contribution will impact our ability to support more families in need. Read the story of one of these families>>

High School is the Beginning; Not the End
We have two students graduating from secondary school this fall.  They are top students and we have high hopes that they will receive government scholarships to attend University.  But what about those who gradute from high school and don’t have the same opportunity?  Over the course of the next four years we expect to have 10 children age out of our residential program.  One of our most pressing needs is to develop a transition program that will provide up to two years of transitional housing, job skills training, life skills education, counseling and career services.  Your contribution will impact our ability to move towards making this vision a reality

Playground Equipment
Our 10 acre property in Kitale is already used by the children at Hope Children’s Home and the neighboring community as athletic fields: playing soccer, running around, kids just being kids!  We love that the children we provide for are able to be part of their local community and that our program can benefit so many children.  This year we would like to install a playground on the property.  It will be the only playground of its type in the area and we can’t wait to see the joy on the faces of the children when they get to try it out for their first time!


We hope you will consider being part of this BIG DREAM!  Join us at Barn Fire on October 4th or make an ONLINE DONATION.  Every dollar impacts the life of a child!

To learn about additional ways Light Up Hope utilizes your donations to impact the lives of orphans and impoverished children in Kenya read our blog “Where is this money going anyway?”

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