9 more days and 25% of our goal reached

Sarah is 4.  Two years ago she was relinquished by her father after her mother died. Did you know adoption is near impossible in Kenya and there is no government program available to make sure Sarah has food to eat?  DONATIONS are her only hope.  Sarah can spend a lifetime scraping by in the slums – or she can have an opportunity to grow up in a well funded orphan refuge with clean water, dependable food and LOVING CARE TAKERS. If we don’t act Sarah could lose the only family she has now (read the story of the corrupt official trying to close the orphanage in Nairobi); her friends in the orphanage, and the orphanage directors who took her in and do their best to provide for her and the other 30 children on funding of less than $600/month.   We can’t stop the poverty and disease that creates orphans, but we can help Sarah.  Will you help her today?

As of 6/11/12 Light Up Hope has received $1000 of the $4000 in donations we need to receive a matching gift of another $4000 – which would guarantee we will reach full funding of the $8,200 needed to procure land in western Kenya where we will build Sarah’s new home.  We have 9 more days to come up with the remaining $3,000.

Make a secure donation today through PayPal.  

We also accept donations by check to Light Up Hope:  Light Up Hope P.O. Box 189  Broomfield, CO  80038-0189

Watch this 6 minute video to learn more about Sarah and the struggle she is in to keep her home.

[wpvideo CDd05Vc3]

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