A Little Bit of Hope in Uncertain Times

In a typical month, Light Up Hope provides food assistance to about 340 children in the slums of Nairobi. 330 receive school day breakfast and lunch and about 10 kids receive monthly food packets. When the Kenyan government closed schools due to the coronavirus outbreak we suddenly found ourselves having to be creative with food distribution because the LAST thing we want is for children to go hungry as we face this global crisis. 

This past week we managed to use our typical budget for our school feeding program to provide food packets of dry food to our primary students and their families. These packets consisted of staples like maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, porridge and soap and are intended to supplement the family food supplies for one month per student. 

These packets are essential in this time because all of our primary students come from families who are day laborers and much of the work they would usually perform, such as cleaning clothes or working in a factory, has been shut down due to social distancing measures. Additionally, food prices are rising in Kenya by approximately 25-30%.

Our primary school and LIFT families are the most at risk during this economic downturn and the feeding program is something good we are able to do to help in these times of uncertainty. COVID-19 is on the rise in Kenya and the Kenyan healthcare system is drastically underprepared for a widespread outbreak, especially in Nairobi where 4.5 million people live and there are only 534 ICU beds.

We are grateful for the people and organizations who have already stepped in to help feed these vulnerable children, and who have placed us in a position to be able to continue to provide essential nutrition at this time. 

Light Up Hope needs donations in any amount to help our programs stay afloat and continue providing hope and assistance during this difficult time.

Will you consider pitching in to help?  https://donate.lightuphope.org/…/children…/c203131

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