Kayole North Feeding Program

Kayole North Feeding Program

Food plays a crucial role in the development of any child. Indeed, after the right to life, each child and adult has a right to nutritious and clean food. Unfortunately, poverty limits the access to regular food for children in needy communities. Without food, a child is unable to concentrate in class which creates a vicious cycle of poverty. But! As a result of the continued financial donations from our supporters, children at Kayole North no longer face the risk of starvation. At the beginning of the year, SOC set out to expand the organization’s feeding program by committing to avail breakfast and lunch to an additional 2000 students at Kayole North Primary School.

The newly launched program wouldn’t have come at a better time. The economic impacts of the pandemic were felt all over the world and especially by poor families who had no savings to cater to basic needs during lockdowns. As one of the poorer communities in Kenya, Kayole faced the risk of starvation which resulted in some students leaving school entirely to look for food. Since the feeding program was introduced in the school, student attendance has stabilized significantly. Indeed, the availability of food has also ensured children in kindergarten are remaining in school after 1 pm. This has ensured parents of such students can work for longer hours which has resulted in additional income.

The smiles on the children benefiting from the feeding program tell of happiness. With the availability of both breakfast and lunch, the students can concentrate in class. To many, the feeding program has not only saved them from starvation but also allowed them to compete academically with more privileged students.   

One of the LUH staff serving morning porridge to Students at Kayole North

However, it is paramount to note that while the feeding program has already made a huge difference, a lot still needs to be done. The school needs a better-constructed kitchen and additional cooks to endure food is served on time. Such improvements will only be met through the continued donations and support from our well-wishers. 

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