A Beneficiary’s Perspective

To my sponsors,

My name is Alice Mutua from Kitui, Kenya and a student at the University of Nairobi. I have two brothers and three sisters.  My parents depend on what we harvest from our garden and cultivating our neighbors’ lands to pay school levies and cater for the children basic needs.  Growing up in such an environment instills bravery, confidence and competence. However, with very little to go on, joining a university felt like a far fetched dream until I meet Light Up Hope which enabled me to join the University of Nairobi, a world Class University committed to scholarly Excellence to pursue a degree in Arts with a focus on History, Swahili and Psychology. While I love all the classes I take, dream is to specialize in Swahili and become a lecturer in the field as well as become a translator in the same.

For girls like me, having an opportunity like this not only changes my life’s projection but that of my family and community at large. Thank you for enabling me to join this university (a sphere of change). is because of you that I’m studying without school fees stress, and I also have somewhere to stay while studying. I’m able to cater for food, clothing and medical needs. Today I don’t walk to school barefooted. I am not stressed about how to get stationary because you support me with that too.

My sponsor, I take this opportunity to assure you that your effort to help a girl like me in Africa is not going to waste. As I noted earlier, my dream is to become Lecturer of translation and interpretation. Since I was young, I knew I’m good in languages so, I approached the translation lecturer and explained to him about my ambitions which he took into consideration and found out that I am suitable in that field. So, he took the responsibility upon himself and decided to train me on how to translate using computer programs. I passed the exam and I am now authorized to translate under The University of Nairobi. 

Furthermore, through the mentorship you have offered me, I have learnt the importance of involving myself in other co-curricular activities in and around my university.  Today, I am the Vice Chairperson of The University of Nairobi Environmental Club. We serve the community with the help of university administration and both governmental and non-governmental organizations driven by our vision to create self-sustaining environs in and outside the university through climate action. We travel, sometimes without help of anyone but ourselves and I manage to do that with the support I receive from you. Serving the society leaves me with a bright smile on my lips. I am also a member The University of Nairobi Johari Association which is under the University’s Literature Swahili Association.  It is said that literature is the mirror of the Society and I also find it a way of educating the society. Indeed, through these activities, I have interacted with various institutions both locally and internationally which have broadened my world view and especially with the idea of serving others.

Words can never express the gratitude I have towards you. Through the resources you have so graciously availed to me, I have leant not only the importance of education but also the joy of serving others. I look forward in achieving all my academic and personal goals.

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