High School Sponsorship

We take a different approach

High school in Kenya is more than just the final step in a child’s education. High school is the key to their future. Without a high school diploma not only are the students limited in their post-high school educational opportunities but also in their ability to find a job that will provide an income of more than an average of $1 per day.

Many high school sponsorship programs in Kenya only accept the top achieving students from primary schools to be considered for sponsorship. This approach ensures the sponsoring organization has a greater rate of success for their program. At Light Up Hope we take a different approach. We don’t pre-qualify our high school students based solely on a minimum grade from primary school; we focus on those students who have been forced to overcome the challenges of growing up as orphans or impoverished children.

Through mentorship, leadership and personalized tutoring, as well as parent/guardian support during term breaks, we support the student and give them the best chance for success. We help them to overcome the challenges they have faced and light a path out of poverty.

For $85 per month you can sponsor a high school student

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More than simply school fees

During each term break, all of the students in our program gather in Nairobi for 1-3 weeks of personalized tutoring, recreational and team building activities, and leadership workshops

We provide high school sponsorship to students from challenging backgrounds. Many have lived in broken families, children’s homes or orphanages and all come from impoverished communities. We believe it is important to guide these students along their high school path so they can believe they are valued and be invited to consider the success of their futures. Many of them have never been told in their lives that they are capable of achieving anything beyond returning to the slum or impoverished rural community where they were born. We help them recognize they are capable of achieving any dream in their lives with their hard work and the support we have to offer them. (Ages grade 9 – form 4)
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