Joseph’s House – Adult Transitional Program


The Joseph’s House Program is integral to accomplishing the mission of Light Up Hope, “providing healing orphan care and lighting a path out of poverty”. Unemployment among Kenya’s youth is now estimated to stand at 17.3%, the highest rate in the region. Without additional assistance and higher education after high school the odds of young adults in Kenya returning to a life of poverty is overwhelming. Joseph’s House is an adult transitional program designed to equip youths with education, emotional intelligence and life skills needed to break the cycle of poverty.

The first step on this path is higher education. All of our members are required to be enrolled in post-secondary education (trade school or university). All school fees and supplies are covered as is room and board each month. The program members are required to participate in a weekly virtual community discussion on life skills as well as monthly community gatherings which include mentor-ship and speaker led workshops.


“If support had stopped after high school, life would be very hard, this is because most of us would be forced to struggle to put something into our mouths. You realize this would probably lead some of us into criminal activities because I have seen most of my friends get into that. The result is that they end up being shot dead. With the help that I am getting from the Joseph’s House Program, I can say that I now see a path directing me to realize my dreams. I am very happy that soon I will join University to pursue my career.”

Joseph Wanjau – Joseph’s House Program member and university Student at Kenyatta University, studying Business Administration

Cross-Cultural Leadership Group

Focuses on developing employment skills, marriage and family planning, and personal development and accountability in the lives of our members. We utilize both American curriculums and Kenyan
professionals to teach and mentor the youths in our program. Our organization is small and nimble, we individualize our program to identify and grow the unique talents of these youths so they are able to transition into adulthood empowered and ready to make a positive impact on their families and community.

“When my high school results were released, I couldn’t make it to the university. I felt like my dreams had been shattered, I had let everyone down including myself. I felt like I had no choice other than to continue searching for casual jobs to make ends meet. My dreams were a nightmare and depression ruled my world. An opportunity in Joseph’s House is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has given me life and hope again. My parents could not believe it that Joseph’s house gave me an opportunity to attend trade school. My mum shed tears on hearing this, she was almost giving up on me” – Clysa, Joseph’s House Member and Trade School Student in Food and Beverage Program

Trade School


Life Skills