LIFT – Family Unification


The LIFT program is designed to provide assistance within the communities where we work which will reduce the need for orphans and vulnerable children to be placed in a children’s home. Family unification eliminates the negative effects of long-term institutional care on children and strengthens the benefits of family bonding. Our LIFT Program identifies orphans and vulnerable children in impoverished areas and assists the children (together with their parent or guardian) with resources for food, education, and healthcare. Through intentional support and mentorship we are able to empower both the child and their parents, guardians, or foster families.

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The majority of children residing in orphanages and
children’s homes in Kenya have been relinquished
due to poverty, not due to the death of one or both parents.

For $35 per month you can contribute to
keeping children in families and strengthening
these communities through empowerment

(Ages birth – grade 8)
School Fees
School Uniform
Access to Healthcare
Community Based
Feeding Program
Mentorship and
Empowerment of
parents and guardians

Light Up Hope is currently operating the LIFT Program in both rural central Kenya, the village of Kibingoti, and in the urban slum areas of Nairobi, Umoja and Kwa Njenga

Umoja Community - Kenya
Umoja Community

Sponsor the urban Nairobi community – UMOJA ($35/MONTH)

Kwa Njenga Community - Kenya
Kwa Njenga Community

Sponsor the urban Nairobi slum community – KWA NJENGA ($35/MONTH)

Kibingoti Village - Kenya
Kibingoti Village

Sponsor the rural central Kenya farming community – KIBINGOTI ($35/MONTH)

LIFT Program

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