All Rounded Beneficiaries

To lead a successful life, any individual needs to learn the art of balance. Indeed, while the focus is encouraged in achieving life goals, one needs an outlet. It is with this approach that we at Light Up Hope encourage our beneficiaries to not only do well in class but also in sports, clubs, and businesses. This month, we highlight the achievements of two of our beneficiaries.

Lilian Mumanyi is a student at Kenyatta University taking a degree in Aerospace Engineering. As one of four ladies in her class, she constantly proves herself by recording astronomical grades in all her exams. Indeed, when she first joined the university, she was not sure how well she would do in this field because of how rare it is for ladies in Kenya to take up courses in the STEM departments. However, after att and assurance from the organization that we would avail all the necessary resources and support she needs to succeed in her studies, Lilian was delighted to go forth and courageously chase her dreams of one day working in the aerospace industry.

Lilian during one of her practical classes

‘‘Aerospace Engineering is a relatively new course in Kenya and one of the toughest lines of studying. Nevertheless, I am lucky to be allowed to make a difference not only in my community but also learn towards advancing future technology in Aerospace engineering for the world.’’ Lilian Mumanyi

When it comes to striking the right balance, Winnie Jerotich is perhaps the best person to ask. As a student nurse, her school schedule would overwhelm a less spirited individual. But between classes, rotations, and exams, Winnie unceasingly makes time to enjoy football not only as an enthusiastic fun but also as a skilled player. And just like her good grades in class, she has collected tens of trophies as an outstanding female footballer in her local community. Recently, she participated in a Nivea-sponsored tournament and lead her team to victory. She was also awarded the best player trophy.

Light Up Hope has availed me with all the resources I need to not only succeed in academics but also pursue my passion for football. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity the organization has given me to lead a fulfilling life. It has boosted my confidence over the last couple of years.’ Winnie Jerotich

Winnie Jerotich during a march sponsored by Nivea for Men

By encouraging and supporting our beneficiaries to perform well in all areas of life, we hope to instil strong skills needed to lead a balanced life.

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