Alphonse shares about the progress at Hope Children’s Home

It is a joy to receive letters from the children! Recently we delighted in getting an update on Hope Children’s Home from Alphonse, one of the first year high school students whose high school education is paid for through empowerment programs. During the day Alphonse works hard at school and in the evenings he stays with the other children at Hope Children’s Home.


Dear Light Up Hope,

How are you?  I hope you are fine.  Here in Kitale we are going on well as you left us when you were here last time.  The maize (corn) is now growing big and they have already removed the top head.  Other many things in the farm have grown big and we hope you will visit us one day and you will prove us right by seeing them with your eyes.

Our animals are going on well.  At home we have the cows and they are becoming fat and fatter than they were previously, the sheep are also giving birth one after the other and that shows that they are totally healthy and receive the required amount of food.

We also have some chickens which lay eggs and the eggs hatch.  Our rooms are now decorated well and they look more beautiful than they were before.  They have been painted well with blue paint and red paint.  The pigs are also  continuing well and they are fat.  They just gave birth this year before you came.  When you come back you will be surprised to see what you did not expect to see.  We all hope that you will come back to visit.  May God help you and bless you.

Yours Sincerely,




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