Annual Give


This year, Light Up Hope is forgoing our annual Barn Fire Gala in favor of an annual give.  Why you ask?  We want 100% of your donations to directly fund the programs and services which serve the kids of Light Up Hope. 

On average, a women spends $230 getting ready for a fundraising event.  A gala would cost Light Up Hope upwards of $30,000 and countless volunteer hours to pull the event together.  These are invaluable resources diverted from our primary mission.

Instead, by October 15, 2015, we simply ask you to donate the money you would spend on a gala to the programs and services which serve the world’s most vulnerable children.  Donations made by this date will be matched by a matching gift donor up to $40,000.  As of 10/1/2015 we have received $19,870 in donations towards our annual give, please join in helping us reach the generous matching gift of $40,000.  

Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000 or $5,000 can make all the difference.

We are so grateful for your support through the years.  Your generosity has brought us a great distance since 2011 – will you continue to help our organization serve the children of Hope Children’s Home?


 Read about the progress we have made since last year, and our plans for the future in our Supporter Update >>