When an African Child is Loved Right!

Yesterday was World’s Day of the African Child and we at Light Up Hope could not help but reflect on the amazing journey we’ve been on with our current and past beneficiaries.  And while we have tens of heart-warming stories to mark this day, something about the growth and transformation of John Bibo, or Saleh as he is popularly known, tags at our hearts a tad tighter. Saleh joined LUH back when our organization was under a different name and administration, he was young and wounded in many ways. To start with, Bibo had grown up in a household where his father would beat his mother to the point of there being blood.  Seeing his mother suffer at the hands of his father was both hurtful and angering to young Bibo who could do nothing but watch in terror. Over the years, the constant fights between his parents saw the seed of anger in young Bibo’s consciousness which would deter his healthy development. The fact that his family was poor did nothing to alleviate the pressure and pains experienced by Saleh and even though LUH came and sponsored him through education, he would have to do a lot of personal […]

All Rounded Beneficiaries

To lead a successful life, any individual needs to learn the art of balance. Indeed, while the focus is encouraged in achieving life goals, one needs an outlet. It is with this approach that we at Light Up Hope encourage our beneficiaries to not only do well in class but also in sports, clubs, and businesses. This month, we highlight the achievements of two of our beneficiaries. Lilian Mumanyi is a student at Kenyatta University taking a degree in Aerospace Engineering. As one of four ladies in her class, she constantly proves herself by recording astronomical grades in all her exams. Indeed, when she first joined the university, she was not sure how well she would do in this field because of how rare it is for ladies in Kenya to take up courses in the STEM departments. However, after att and assurance from the organization that we would avail all the necessary resources and support she needs to succeed in her studies, Lilian was delighted to go forth and courageously chase her dreams of one day working in the aerospace industry. ‘‘Aerospace Engineering is a relatively new course in Kenya and one of the toughest lines of studying. Nevertheless, […]

Kayole North Feeding Program

Kayole North Feeding Program Food plays a crucial role in the development of any child. Indeed, after the right to life, each child and adult has a right to nutritious and clean food. Unfortunately, poverty limits the access to regular food for children in needy communities. Without food, a child is unable to concentrate in class which creates a vicious cycle of poverty. But! As a result of the continued financial donations from our supporters, children at Kayole North no longer face the risk of starvation. At the beginning of the year, SOC set out to expand the organization’s feeding program by committing to avail breakfast and lunch to an additional 2000 students at Kayole North Primary School. The newly launched program wouldn’t have come at a better time. The economic impacts of the pandemic were felt all over the world and especially by poor families who had no savings to cater to basic needs during lockdowns. As one of the poorer communities in Kenya, Kayole faced the risk of starvation which resulted in some students leaving school entirely to look for food. Since the feeding program was introduced in the school, student attendance has stabilized significantly. Indeed, the availability […]

A great way to end the year!

2021 has undoubtedly had its challenges both on a personal and organizational level. However, we as the WOVEN department have had several achievements to celebrate. For instance, during the year, we managed take 34 more girls to universities all over the country. Evidently, the move to let beneficiaries of the academic sponsorship program to join universities outside the nation’s capital was not an easy one as it required a complex incorporation of logistics and communication between all involved parties. By the end of November, all the new girls had started their classes and sustainable communication channels with the organization established. However, issues such as government-imposed restrictions on movement as a result of the pandemic limited the number of face-to-face interactions between the staff members and the girls. As a result, some of the mentorship and counselling objectives set by the department at the beginning of the year were not meet.  But all was not lost. On December 4th, 2021, we held our annual meeting with the 2020 group in which we managed to interact and catch up. The meeting involved several agendas that were all achieved. Firstly, we managed to invite speakers from outside the organization to interact with the […]

The Story of Monica Mwongeli

Hi, my name is Monica Mwongeli and am a student at Kenyatta university pursing a degree in Nursing through the funding from Tuungane Community Foundation. Growing up, I remember visiting the local clinic on days medical officers from Nairobi would visit just to see the nurses. Back then, the simple white dresses with crisp rubber shoes the nurses wore symbolized the epitome of achievement and importance. I dreamt of one day becoming a nurse and working in a big hospital like Kenyatta National Hospital. At the time, things at home were okay and my dreams of becoming a nurse did not seem so farfetched. See, I am the second born in a family of five children between two living parents. In the first 8 years of my life, both my parents had stable sources of income with my mother working odd jobs in local farms and my father working for a huge factory. My parents were both very caring and I enjoyed spending time with my siblings after school. However, life happened and our family’s bubble was busted by one tragedy after another. It all begun when my father had an argument at work with one of his colleagues. The […]