“Exciting Updates from LUH: Expanding Impact in Kenya Communities”

A lot has changed in the past few months, and we’re thrilled to share some exciting news from the LUH family! These updates reflect our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made and the opportunities ahead as Light Up Hope Africa continues to grow and evolve. Thank you for your support in helping us change lives for the better.

Our Exciting Progress In The Feeding Program

Introduction:We are excited to share the latest updates on our feeding program, which is making a significant impact on students in Kajiado and Nairobi, particularly in the Kajiado region. We support over 59,000 students in 166 schools, with 164 of them located in Kajiado. In this blog post, we will highlight our program’s remarkable achievements and the measures we have taken to ensure efficiency, transparency, and positive outcomes. Efficiency and Transparency:To ensure smooth operations, we established a Community-Taskforce-Committee (CTC) in collaboration with the Kajiado community and local authorities. This committee oversees the program, ensures effective resource utilization, and addresses challenges. By involving the community and authorities, we foster ownership and collective responsibility. Harnessing Technology for Monitoring:We have incorporated GPS tracking systems to monitor food deliveries, ensuring timely supply to schools. This innovative approach enhances accountability and transparency, instilling confidence in our program’s effectiveness. Positive Impact on Enrollment, Retention, and Learning:Participating schools have reported significant improvements in enrollment, retention, and learning outcomes. Our program addresses classroom hunger, motivating students to attend school regularly and unlock their potential. Investment in the Feeding Program:We invest over 17 million per month to sustain and expand our program. Funds are allocated to procure quality food […]

A Young Mother’s Perspective

Title: My Journey with Woven: Embracing Motherhood and Education Becoming a young mother while pursuing my education presented me with numerous challenges and uncertainties. However, I found solace and empowerment through Woven, an organization that supports student mothers and encourages us to continue dreaming and excelling. In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience and highlight how Woven’s initiatives, such as interactive groups, mutual support, and a focus on holistic well-being, have positively impacted my journey as both a mother and a student. 1. Discovering a Supportive Community: Woven provided me with a much-needed sense of community. Through their platform, I connected with other student mothers who understood the unique challenges we face. Interacting with them, sharing our stories, and offering support and inspiration became a vital part of my journey. Woven created a safe space where I felt heard, validated, and motivated to pursue my dreams despite the challenges. 2. Sharing Challenges and Supporting Each Other: Being able to openly discuss my challenges within the Woven community has been incredibly empowering. Through heartfelt conversations, we share the ups and downs of balancing motherhood and education. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in this journey […]

A Beneficiary’s Perspective

To my sponsors, My name is Alice Mutua from Kitui, Kenya and a student at the University of Nairobi. I have two brothers and three sisters.  My parents depend on what we harvest from our garden and cultivating our neighbors’ lands to pay school levies and cater for the children basic needs.  Growing up in such an environment instills bravery, confidence and competence. However, with very little to go on, joining a university felt like a far fetched dream until I meet Light Up Hope which enabled me to join the University of Nairobi, a world Class University committed to scholarly Excellence to pursue a degree in Arts with a focus on History, Swahili and Psychology. While I love all the classes I take, dream is to specialize in Swahili and become a lecturer in the field as well as become a translator in the same. For girls like me, having an opportunity like this not only changes my life’s projection but that of my family and community at large. Thank you for enabling me to join this university (a sphere of change). is because of you that I’m studying without school fees stress, and I also have somewhere to […]

A Great Year Ahead!

Expanding to Kajiado County 2023 has started in a big way for Light Up Hope. We have received funding to expand both our feeding and Woven programs while maintaining the 160 beneficiaries for our High School Program.  Given the massive expansion, the organization saw it necessary to involve both the target community and local government in the selection process of schools to benefit from the program. Indeed, by ensuring full participation, we gave the community an opportunity to own the initiative in the hopes that it will increase the impact of the program. Specifically, the organization formed a County Technical Committee, a team bringing together the Light Up Hope’s Staff and representatives of the two levels of government (National and County level) to work together in ensuring a successful implementation of our Programs in Kajiado County. The CTC consists of, The committee’s first assignment was the selection of the 2023 High School Scholarship beneficiaries where the organization benefitted hugely from the members knowledge of the area and its dynamics In the initial stages, it was the work of the CTC to receive all applications from aspirants and forward the same to LUH staff involved in the selection process. Upon the […]