Kelsey’s Christmas Experience

It’s 2020 and the year has not been great for anyone. My family has continued to go to work through the whole pandemic as essential workers and eventually we all ended up with Covid. We survived but still, it’s been a rough year to say the least. And I know it’s been an extremely tough year for many others! As December was approaching some of my friends started putting up their Christmas decorations extra early to bring Christmas cheer. It’s 2020, the rules are out the window right? You want to put your Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving? Go for it. Before Halloween? Whatever you want.  (This is me) I admire the effort to bring the cheer! But it wasn’t working for me. I’m an extrovert and I miss my friends and I miss my family. I was scowling my way into the Christmas season. But I had signed up to do Light Up Hope’s first online only fundraiser. It was a 12 Days of Christmas Run. A different theme each day and two miles of walking/running each day while we try to raise money for Light Up Hope. I decided I would make it a daily activity with my […]