Fundraising During a Pandemic

Kelly and I started 2020 optimistic with our fundraising goals.  We had a great plan in place to try new fundraising adventures, mixed in with our tried a true fundraising events.   Then suddenly, the world closed, COVID hit and like everyone else we were uncertain what things would be like.  We kept optimistic, one month turned to two months, two months turned to three and then we realized COVID was not going anywhere.  We started to lose our monthly donors and were struck with the reality that our fundraising goals would not be met.  At this point we were not sure if Light Up Hope (LUH) would have enough funds through the end of the year.  Like most other non-profits we had to think of fundraising events we could hold that were COVID friendly.  But as we tried to come up with ideas the rules kept changing.  So, we brainstormed ideas that could take place outdoors and thought we would try a virtual fun run.  This was something we had never done before, since usually races can cost a lot of money, but with COVID and everything being virtual the cost was considerably less. When we started to market the […]

Kelsey’s Christmas Experience

It’s 2020 and the year has not been great for anyone. My family has continued to go to work through the whole pandemic as essential workers and eventually we all ended up with Covid. We survived but still, it’s been a rough year to say the least. And I know it’s been an extremely tough year for many others! As December was approaching some of my friends started putting up their Christmas decorations extra early to bring Christmas cheer. It’s 2020, the rules are out the window right? You want to put your Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving? Go for it. Before Halloween? Whatever you want.  (This is me) I admire the effort to bring the cheer! But it wasn’t working for me. I’m an extrovert and I miss my friends and I miss my family. I was scowling my way into the Christmas season. But I had signed up to do Light Up Hope’s first online only fundraiser. It was a 12 Days of Christmas Run. A different theme each day and two miles of walking/running each day while we try to raise money for Light Up Hope. I decided I would make it a daily activity with my […]

A Little Bit of Hope in Uncertain Times

In a typical month, Light Up Hope provides food assistance to about 340 children in the slums of Nairobi. 330 receive school day breakfast and lunch and about 10 kids receive monthly food packets. When the Kenyan government closed schools due to the coronavirus outbreak we suddenly found ourselves having to be creative with food distribution because the LAST thing we want is for children to go hungry as we face this global crisis.  This past week we managed to use our typical budget for our school feeding program to provide food packets of dry food to our primary students and their families. These packets consisted of staples like maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, porridge and soap and are intended to supplement the family food supplies for one month per student.  These packets are essential in this time because all of our primary students come from families who are day laborers and much of the work they would usually perform, such as cleaning clothes or working in a factory, has been shut down due to social distancing measures. Additionally, food prices are rising in Kenya by approximately 25-30%. Our primary school and LIFT families are the most at risk during […]

The Coronavirus is Affecting our Program Offerings

We are writing to inform you of the ways the global pandemic is affecting our programs in Kenya.  Whenever there is widespread challenges around the world, it is the most vulnerable populations who suffer the most.  The children, young adults and families we work with are already on the edge, and depend on our assistance to meet their daily needs.  We are proud of our staff for all they are doing to continue to support our clients to the best of our ability.  This includes finding creative solutions for food distribution for the children who depend on our feeding programs for school meals.  You can read more below about how the pandemic is affecting each of our programs. Just as the coronavirus outbreak is affecting small businesses around the country, local nonprofits are also being hit with a loss of revenue, and Light Up Hope is not an exception.  All of our planned “in-person” fundraising efforts have been either canceled or put on hold during this time of social distancing.   We ask you to please consider making an online donation at this time to help ensure our programs can continue during and after the pandemic.  And please keep Light Up Hope and the families […]

Children are Learning and Mothers are Working: LIFT Update

We have had several recent achievements in our LIFT program that we are very thankful for: We are currently supporting 33 students in Kenya! We were able to pay school fees early to all our supportive schools! This way our students didn’t lose any learning time by having to be sent home because of unpaid school fees. A good number of our students reported back to school on the opening date, except in Kwa Njenga slums where they recorded 100% return on the opening date.  In Kibingoti we had also had a good number of returning students on their opening date.  In Nairobi, most of our schools reopened despite the May’s cold weather. None of our students have been reported ill or missing and they are all busy in school and doing quite well. Parents responded well to our request to have the report cards in the office earlier for better reporting and compilation. 10 LIFT Mothers have come together to start a coffee growers Co-Op in our rural farming community, Kibingoti.  With the help of some Broomfield donors, mothers in Kenya are getting a chance to start a coffee growers Co-op! A coffee plantation has been leased and we had the pleasure to […]