Kwa Njenga LIFT community, March update

Sherline – who is being sponsored by LIFT (our family unification program) – makes her home in Kwa Njenga with her grandmother, 2 siblings, and 2 members of the extended family. This 6-person family lives in a one-room shelter made of corrugated metal. Sherline’s youngest sister, Winfer, is disabled and must attend a special school. Kwa Njenga is a sprawling slum on the outskirts of Nairobi. Here, many families live on the edge of dissolution, in extreme poverty. The main housing material is corrugated metal. Most families live in very cramped conditions, with trash littering, and raw sewage running, in the alleyways between residences. Families must purchase water and carry it back to their residence for household use – drinking, cooking, and cleaning; in other words, in addition to a lack of sewage and garbage service, there is no running water. Schools in Kwa Njenga are either underfunded or beyond the means of many families (who cannot afford school fees). We are sponsoring several families in Kwa Njenga through our LIFT program, where the need for help with food, education, and health care, is especially great. Through the gift of LIFT funds for Sherline’s school fees, the family now can pay for […]

Kibingoti LIFT community, March update

8-year-old Tamasha’s family – one of our LIFT families in Kibingoti – doesn’t worry as much about her future now that her school fees are paid. Tamasha lives with her 5 older brothers and parents in rural Kahuhoini village, where they struggle to put food on the table once each day and get clean water for daily needs. As you can see from the pictures our staff took on their visit with Tamasha’s family, creeks and roads become muddy when it rains, making both travel and collection of clean water even more difficult. Tamasha’s mother supports the entire family through short-term, insecure work in more affluent towns, nearby. It is only through income from the mother’s unpredictable employment, that the family is able to eat their only meal each day. Tamasha’s father is an absentee dad. Tamasha wants to be a teacher some day, so that she can help other kids. She enjoys playing with her friends at school. Her favorite subjects are math and English. At home, she helps her mother with household chores like collecting firewood, fetching water from a nearby stream, and washing dishes. She wonders how children in America study for school. LIFT sponsors are helping families […]

Umoja LIFT community, March update

In Umoja (in urban Nairobi), LIFT sponsors are helping children like Mary Grace and Geoffrey, who were taken in by their aunt after their mother tragically passed away. Mary Grace and Geoffrey now live with their 3 cousins in a two-room home. The orphaned children sleep on the floor, due to a lack of bedding. In spite of challenging conditions, they have hope for a brighter future, especially with the support from LIFT, which is paying their school fees, this year. Geoffrey and Mary Grace see how hard their aunt works to be sure they and their cousins have breakfast and dinner, get safely to school, and do their homework, each day. They help their aunt with fetching water, washing dishes, other household chores, and caring for their youngest cousin. Mary Grace enjoys math the most at school. She wants to be a police woman someday, so that she can help maintain the peace. Her future plans include attending an all-girls’ high school. She wonders if kids in America play in the mud. Geoffrey likes playing football (soccer) with friends and enjoys studying English at school. He wants to be a soldier, like his uncle once was, and to buy […]

Grandma Lucy and the Umoja 3 LIFT Community

Grandma Lucy’s Story What would it feel like to live in a one-room apartment with 11 other people? That’s the reality for Pauline, who came to live with her grandmother when her mom tragically died, a year ago. Light Up Hope has sponsored Pauline through our new LIFT program, for 2018. Pauline received books and a new uniform and had her school fees paid, when we visited her family in Nairobi’s Umoja 3 urban slum, in January. Listen in as Lucy – Pauline’s grandmother – talks about their daily life. The constant refrain in her story is, “Life is hard.” But she has faith that life can get better. Even though she and her extended family have very little, she is grateful. How many more children like Pauline, can we help? How many more families, like hers, desperately need support in order to stay united? Without support, families like Pauline’s often must relinquish children to orphanages. Let’s make their hope for a better life, reality. You can sponsor a family for just $35 per month through our LIFT program, which connects families to the resources they need – food, education, and health care – to stay united and strong. When […]

Mama Brian and the Kwa Njenga LIFT Community

Mama Brian’s Story Have you ever woken up to the certainty of having no food until lunchtime? That is the routine every day for Brian’s family, who lives in Nairobi’s Kwa Njenga urban slum. “They have never thought of breakfast,” says his mother. Maybe, if they are lucky, there will be something for lunch. And if not, for dinner. If they even do not have food at night, then they pray, drink water, and go to sleep. Brian, who is 12 years old and in the 5th grade, has been sponsored for our new LIFT program, meaning he has started the year with a new uniform, shoes, books, and paid school fees. Like any child, anywhere, he has big dreams. He wants to be a pilot someday, so that he “can fly up into the sky,” and also, so he can help his mother. His first thought is to buy her food and clothes some day, once he is grown. Will you help Brian, and children like him, to achieve his dreams of helping his family? Your gift also can prevent children like him from growing up in orphanages, which is often the pathway families in extreme poverty are forced […]