Our Exciting Progress In The Feeding Program

Introduction:We are excited to share the latest updates on our feeding program, which is making a significant impact on students in Kajiado and Nairobi, particularly in the Kajiado region. We support over 59,000 students in 166 schools, with 164 of them located in Kajiado. In this blog post, we will highlight our program’s remarkable achievements and the measures we have taken to ensure efficiency, transparency, and positive outcomes. Efficiency and Transparency:To ensure smooth operations, we established a Community-Taskforce-Committee (CTC) in collaboration with the Kajiado community and local authorities. This committee oversees the program, ensures effective resource utilization, and addresses challenges. By involving the community and authorities, we foster ownership and collective responsibility. Harnessing Technology for Monitoring:We have incorporated GPS tracking systems to monitor food deliveries, ensuring timely supply to schools. This innovative approach enhances accountability and transparency, instilling confidence in our program’s effectiveness. Positive Impact on Enrollment, Retention, and Learning:Participating schools have reported significant improvements in enrollment, retention, and learning outcomes. Our program addresses classroom hunger, motivating students to attend school regularly and unlock their potential. Investment in the Feeding Program:We invest over 17 million per month to sustain and expand our program. Funds are allocated to procure quality food […]

A Young Mother’s Perspective

Title: My Journey with Woven: Embracing Motherhood and Education Becoming a young mother while pursuing my education presented me with numerous challenges and uncertainties. However, I found solace and empowerment through Woven, an organization that supports student mothers and encourages us to continue dreaming and excelling. In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience and highlight how Woven’s initiatives, such as interactive groups, mutual support, and a focus on holistic well-being, have positively impacted my journey as both a mother and a student. 1. Discovering a Supportive Community: Woven provided me with a much-needed sense of community. Through their platform, I connected with other student mothers who understood the unique challenges we face. Interacting with them, sharing our stories, and offering support and inspiration became a vital part of my journey. Woven created a safe space where I felt heard, validated, and motivated to pursue my dreams despite the challenges. 2. Sharing Challenges and Supporting Each Other: Being able to openly discuss my challenges within the Woven community has been incredibly empowering. Through heartfelt conversations, we share the ups and downs of balancing motherhood and education. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in this journey […]

Hard work and a heart for people pays off for a young woman in our WOVEN program

Loice at her internship

 Hello, my name is Loice Makari Oloo aged 23 years old. Thank you so much for granting me this opportunity to tell you my story. I grew up as an orphan under my uncle’s guidance. I am the only child in my family. Though my uncle has a family of three children who I comfortably consider as my younger siblings, he really struggled hard as a casual worker to ensure that I successfully completed my primary education in 2016, where I scored 353 marks out of 500 marks.  After my exemplary KCPE results, the school Deputy Headmaster got me a chance to join the late Mama Priscah Atieno Oulo’s Orphanage. Honestly she was my powerful guardian who really nurtured me to be a lady of integrity up to now. It was through this Orphanage that I got the opportunity to be picked by LUH for WOVEN sponsorship in 2020, having attained a mean grade of C plain with 45 points.  I am a student at Kenya Utalii College and I am pursuing a course in Hospitality Management, specializing in Food, Beverage Service and Sales. I find the course very interesting because I like interacting with different people while collaborating with […]

From loss to opportunity, Molly’s Story

 Molly Akinyi is an orphan born in Bondo Municipality of Siaya County.  She is the second born in a family of two.  Their father and mother died when they were in their lower Primary School.  After the death of their mother, the girls were adopted by their aunt who lives in Umoja 3 estate of Nairobi. For now she sells rolled fried pancakes (chapati) in the estate. Life is not easy for the aunt as a single mother with 3 children and 2 adopted nieces. The family relies on porridge in the morning and a simple lunch of corn meal and kale or cabbage. It was joyful for Molly and the aunt to receive news in January 2020 about an organization looking for orphans who have scored a mean grade of B and from deserving homes.  She was well known in the village and the chief identified her immediately.  Light Up Hope gave her a full scholarship where she was enrolled in Mbitini Girls High school.  This was news no one could believe.   She is happy that from the time she joined the program, Molly has never missed school.  She attends from the first to the closing day.  She has […]

Now Hiring – USA Development Director

Light Up Hope seeks a full-time passionate and growth oriented Development Director to head our ongoing fundraising needs. Reporting to the President and will work closely with the Chief Operating Officer to shape and implement an effective fundraising strategy, with a particular focus on growing new earned revenue and corporate partnerships.  This professional must have an established background in coordinating nonprofit donation strategies and grant writing.  Our ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of three – five years of fundraising development experience, preferably in the nonprofit sector and a passion for resourcing nonprofit organizations with transformational funding opportunities. Willingness to travel to Kenya to see programs in action.  Responsibilities: Qualifications We offer a base salary, $60k-$70k based on experience,  with the potential to earn a 10% bonus of your base pay. This is a fully remote position.  At this time we do not offer any medical or 401K benefits.  Please note we will accept applications from the United States however, priority will be given to those residing in the Denver metro area.  To apply, please send the following to Kelly@lightuphope.org with Development Director in the subject line:  – A cover letter outlining why you are interested […]