Buy Everline a Christmas Present!

You have the opportunity to buy Everline, or one of the other children, just what they need for Christmas. Here is a little hint…. it is not a new iPad!  Watch our new video and hear Everline’s story and how you can give her a gift that will make an IMPACT this Christmas season.

[wpvideo T73Pj7Ly]

A new Home and renewed opportunities

By the end of 2012 we will have moved all of the children to the new orphan refuge!  With a end of the year donation you can get them started in their new home with their needs met!

Nearly complete – the new safe house


  • A donation of $110 will provide a child with a new bed, new sheets, blankets and a mosquito net to protect them from malaria, the 2nd leading cause of death from infectious disease in Africa
  • A donation of $60 will get a child started in their new school in Kitale with a school uniform and new shoes
  • A donation of $25 will cover school fees at primary school for a year
  • A $20 donation will feed one of the children for a month

We must also make our final payment on the land. As of November 15th we are still in need of $2,500 to finalize the purchase.

DONATE to Light Up Hope today.
Donations by cash or check can be sent to:
Light Up Hope
PO Box 189
Broomfield, CO 80038

Or, make a secure  credit card donation today through PayPal.  

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