From the Sewer to the Kitchen

Before Clysa entered our program he was working a part time job cleaning up human and industrial sewage in Nairobi.  The job was a day labor job and often he would not be paid by the company after the work was finished.  Clysa initially started a small business selling clothes in the slums with a small business grant of $100 from Light Up Hope.  The business faced challenges of finding customers and at the same time harassment by the local tax collectors who would try to collect taxes even on days when he had made no sales.  After six  months of struggling he decided he wanted to return to school and was then able to apply for the Joseph’s House Program.  He is grateful for the help and is enjoying trade school this spring in food, beverage and catering. You can help support Clysa and other young adults with trade school or university education by donating today.  Monthly donations of $25 or more per month help stabilize the program and guarantee the resources are there to light a path out of poverty.  

Space for Learning, Space for Leadership, Space for Worship

High school is a demanding time for students in Kenya.  The curriculum is challenging and extra help at school is often hard to come by when a student is struggling in a particular subject.  At the end of every year students in the Light Up Hope High School Sponsorship Program leave their boarding schools to return to their guardians for Christmas break, and this year we found many of the students were struggling in the areas of math and chemistry.  During this 6 week break we are pleased to share with you that we were able to offer 5 weeks of tutoring at the new Light Up Hope Social Hall in Nairobi. A core value of our mission is to go beyond meeting basic needs and find the individual talents each of our program beneficiaries posses and give them opportunities to shine.  Ellis and Lewis are program beneficiaries in our adult transitional university program and Ellis also grew up in a children’s home alongside many of the students in our high school program.  These two young men are leading the tutoring sessions and are able to not only strengthen the students’s understanding of the high school subjects, but also mentor them and […]

Meet One of Our Trade School Students

I am John Biboh from Kenya. I am 20 years old and in life I have quite a number of things to achieve. One of my biggest dream in life is to be one of the best engineers in mechanical engineering, I want be like an inventor of a kind. Also I would like to have a big garage so that I can also create employment for other mechanics and also function as a school for the youths who would like to join the mechanical engineering field.  About my schooling, I would like to thank Light Up Hope for paying my fee and for the support towards my school. All the dreams I have are useless if not sharpened. My going to school of mechanical engineering will really help a lot and act as a stepping stone for my journey to the brighter future. With my knowledge on mechanical engineering, it will be easier for me to open a garage that can serve people and also educate the young stars in the same field. When I am done with the schooling, it will be easier for me to get a job with the papers and at least have some money […]

We All need a Village

I recently read an article and viewed a TED talk called Everything You Know about Addiction is Wrong” by Johann Harri, in which he states, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” I found this statement so profound and interesting. There are numerous studies into why addiction happens; some say it comes from depression, others say a traumatic event is the cause and some say addiction is a disease and those who find themselves caught in the never ending cycle cannot help themselves. In fact, when we find someone who his caught up in addiction often the treatment involves isolation and detox, very contradictory to Mr. Harri’s statement. Evidence has shown how essential healthy relationships and love are for brain development. A General Theory of Love, by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon, psychiatry professors at the University of California, San Francisco examines this idea more. Their findings indicated the limbic systems of our brain are deeply affected by those closest to us. Our brain development (the way we use our pre-frontal cortex in decision making) is impacted deeply by the way connections are made from relationships at a very young age and continue […]

Our first two graduates on track to attend university!

It is our great pleasure to announce we have our first two high school graduates who are on track to attend University!  Edward and Ellis  received the results of their final examination for high school graduation, these results determine eligibility for government University.  Both Edward and Ellis did very well, Ellis received an A and Edward received a B (in Kenya it is a requirement to receive above a C to be eligible for the Government Universities).  They are both thrilled that their hard work has paid off and both boys are working hard towards their applications to their University of choice! Upon receiving the good news our Kenyan Partners, Fred and Alice, wrote “We are thankful for the support we received towards the high school education of the following children, Edward Mwangi, student at St. Ignatius Mukumu that scored a mean score of B and Ellis Liyala that came number one in their school with a mean score of A, also from St. Ignatius Mukumu boys. As the bible says ‘Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in […]