Christmas Shopping – a gift from our child sponsors


We celebrated Christmas with our sponsored children a little bit differently this year. Thanks to the generosity of our child sponsors, the Colorado team who visited Hope Children’s Home in November was able to take the children shopping for their own Christmas Gifts. Here is a note from Renae Loring, Light Up Hope Board Member, about her experience taking the children shopping:

Kids are kids and teens are teens no matter the language, country or culture.  We saw this so strongly the day we took the kids shopping…

The kids all arrived at the same time to a Wal-Mart type store called Nakumatt- “You Need it.  We’ve Got it.”  The story building had a moving walk way to get to the 2nd floor where the clothes were.  Most of the kids had never experienced one.  You could really see the kid’s personalities come out.  The adventuresome ones jumped on with smiles while holding on tight.  The timid ones needed an older hand to grab to muster the courage to step on.  But then it was all smiles!  Funny how things we don’t even think about can become part of the fun. 

The kids loved picking out their own clothes!  Most of the boys took a quick peak around the clothing options and stuck with their decision to buy shoes.  Most were looking for black dress shoes.  So Fred took the boys to the near by shoe store. 

The girls stuck around looking for just the right outfit.  Many crowded into the dressing room that overflowed with laughter as they chatted away in Swahili about how they looked in the items they were trying on.   Some girls picked out dresses and skirts and others found “pencil pants” (skinny jeans) they wanted to buy. 

Our shopping ended with a trip past the ice cream freezer.  I think the decision about which ice cream was as challenging as which outfit to buy.  Sitting outside enjoying ice cream was a great way to end our time. 

As we were walking back to the car, I asked one of the older boys which experience did you like more:  receiving a gift from the States or coming to town and shopping yourself?  He started telling me that both were great.  He was filled with gratitude.  But when I pushed him a little on which he enjoyed the most, he smiled and said “Shopping and Ice-cream”



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