Donate to support Cecelia to fund her salon business after graduation.



Donate to support our LIFT family unification program which provides school fees, food assistance and healthcare to impoverished primary school students and mentorship to their parents and guardians.


Donate to our High School Sponsorship Program which provides for school fees, uniforms, tutoring and mentorship to high school aged impoverished students across Kenya. 


Donate to our Joseph’s House: Adult Transitional Program which provides University and Trade School fees, monthly support and mentorship, including life skills classes to impoverished young adults who are seeking to break the cycle of poverty.

Donate to our General Fund to make an impact across all aspects of the work Light Up Hope is doing to provide healing care and light the path out of poverty for orphans and impoverished children, youths and families in Kenya.

Donate to support the administrative costs of Light Up Hope.  Administrative costs are the costs associated with paying our US based staff and developing the excellent and highly effective programs that make Light Up Hope a success.  Administrative costs include, but are not limited to research costs, marketing, website costs, advertising, etc.  Without the support of our US Based staff and the work they do to make Light Up Hope a success, we couldn’t possibly effectively help all the children and young adults who are impacted by Light Up Hope’s programs.

Donate to Five Dollar  Friday and help us bring down our costs for our feeding program, HS fees, University fees, and staff salaries.