Emmanuel’s family – Kibingoti LIFT community update, April update

10-year-old Emmanuel (pictured above, with our Kenyan staff) and his family live on a small farm in Kahuhoini Village in Kibingoti. Emmanuel’s school fees are paid through our LIFT program. With support for Emmanuel’s school fees, not only can he stay in school, but also, his 15-year-old sister can attend, as well – since the family now diverts funds that formerly went to Emmanuel’s education, to his sister’s schooling.

Outside the family home, L-R: Emmanuel’s mother holding his younger brother, Emmanuel, Brian Isalambo, Eliud Kipkorir.

The family is fortunate to be able to produce their own food on their small plot of land. They grow corn, beans, fruit, and a variety of vegetables, and keep chickens and cows (for milk). Their needs still are not met, however, due to the small size of the plot, unpredictable rains, and a lack of clean water as well as of the ability to irrigate. In spite of the often heavy rain, they have difficulty finding enough clean water for use in the home and on the farm. They also struggle with transportation when run-off from the rains washes out the mud roads and makes bridges impassable.

In order to better meet the family’s needs, both Emmanuel’s mother and father seek day labor on nearby coffee farms, work that they complete in addition to their daily chores on the family plot and in the home.

Inside the family home: Our Kenyan staff talk with Emmanuel’s mother, Elizabeth.

Like most boys his age, Emmanuel loves playing outside. He does not like the rain though, since it interferes with playing games with friends, outside! At home, he helps with caring for his younger brother and with fetching water from a nearby stream. He enjoys science and Kiswahili in school and wonders whether American kids also walk to school, like he does. He says that he wants to be a teacher some day, so that children can learn.

Emmanuel’s parents now worry less about having uneducated children with few prospects. They are grateful to see their children go to school and learn.

Poverty is the leading cause of orphanhood in Kenya. Our LIFT – Linking Individual Families To. . .food, education, and health care – program helps to keep families united by providing for their needs. You can help! Learn more or make a donation by going to: https://lightuphope.org/about/lift-family-unification/

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