Empowerment Programs

These programs support for our in-country partner to develop a path away from dependance on donations and towards self-sufficiency through cost cutting and income generating projects. Our empowerment programs also ignite hope for the children in our program by providing education, mentorship and small business opportunities that will create a bridge out of poverty as they approach adulthood.  Learn More>>

Empowerment Programs Currently Seeking Donations


Do you value education? Your sponsorship can alter the course of life for a child in need of an education.   In Kenya it is costly for a young adult to attend high school, most  high schools are boarding programs and the cost for one year is generally between $700-$1000 to cover uniforms, fees and supplies.  Without a high school diploma the opportunities to break the cycle of poverty are dismal and for a young adult living in poverty, without a sponsor the fees are unattainable.    View Children Seeking High School Sponsors


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  • Chairs, tables and cabinets – $4000
  • Stoves for kitchen – $2000
  • Fine art and Hair instruments for trade school programs – $2000
  • Beddings and Beds for Peak Academy Boarding Dorms and Joseph’s House – $ 3000


With the success and popularity of our preschool (located at Hope Children’s Home) among the community members the school is ready to expand to continue building a strong educational foundation for the children at Hope Children’s Home and the surrounding community

  • $3000 needed to add a classroom for grade 1
  • $200/month ($2400 annually) to feed all the children a nutritious meal every day at the school.






Empowerment Program Celebrations

Worldwide the root cause of the orphan crisis is poverty.  One of our passions at Light Up Hope is to help empower families to be able to provide for orphans in their home rather than relinquish the child to an orphanage?  An example of how Light Up Hope has down this is our work with Lawrence. LawrenceBusiness

In April 2014 on a trip to Nairobi we met with Lawrence, heard his story of how he struggles financially but has a huge heart to provide for orphans in his home.  We listened, encouraged him and asked him how we could help.  He told us that he was skilled in welding but didn’t make enough money to buy any of the tools he would need to start his own business so he could have a greater income.  We told him if he would send us a business plan we would give him the financial assistance he needs to start his own welding business.

This summer Lawrence did so and is on the path of starting his business, pulling his family out of poverty, providing for orphans and continuing to be a positive influence in his community.  Read more about Lawrence’s story on our blog >>




DONATEIMAGEYour generosity fuels our empowerment programs!

You can support empowerment through a one time or monthly donation to the general fund of Light Up Hope.  Donate with credit card by clicking the “Donate Now” button or by check to :

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