Enter the Fight for Love Challenge

Every child deserves love.  Every. Single. Child.  Children in the U.S. and children in Africa, every child around the world.  But for many children this love is taken from them. Taken by disease and tragedy, taken by abuse, taken by poverty.  Children find themselves alone in life without a family, without support for their hopes and dreams and feeling a deep hole in their hearts that should be filled with love.

Every day at Light Up Hope we fight to provide love for these children.  We fight to keep families together through our LIFT program, we fight to bring healing to their fragile hearts through counseling, we fight to keep their hopes and dreams alive through education and empowerment programs.  We do this because we love them, and they deserve to know though life has taken so much love from them; we are in their corner, fighting to bring love back in.

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you ~ Loretta Young

For the next four weeks we are issuing a challenge, a challenge to spread more love to the people around you.  Maybe you want to stand with us and help fuel our programs to bring love to the children we work with in Kenya by making a donation.  Maybe you need to bring more love to your marriage, your family or your local community.  However you chose to show love, we will be jumping up and cheering with you, because the thing about love is, the world always needs more of it.

So we challenge you to spread love around as you feel led, post a photo about it on Facebook, twitter and instagram with the hashtag #FightForLoveFriday or #FFLF and tag 5 people and challenge them to keep the love going. 

Every Friday Light Up Hope will post our top Fight for Love stories on our Facebook page.  The challenge will conclude on September 19th  with a BIG celebration at our event “Fight for Love Battle of the Worship Bands” in Broomfield, Colorado where 100% of ticket sales will go to fighting to bring love to orphans and impoverished children around the world.

Watch this video to see the BIG way the founders of Light Up Hope are going to kick off our Fight for Love Challenge and then jump in – take the challenge & tag your friends….

11 Ways You Could Fight for Love

  1. Buy a ticket to “Fight for Love Battle of the Worship Bands”, help fund the loving programs of four orphan care initiatives
  2. Become a supporter of Light Up Hope, make a donation and share “why you feel called to bring love to orphans” (all donations will be matched up to $40,000 through September 30, 2015)
  3. Turn off the TV and give some love to your spouse!!
  4. Send your grandma a card
  5. Put away your smartphone and throw a ball, play dolls or have a conversation with your kids
  6. Bring cookies to a neighbor or friend – just to show them you are thinking about them
  7. Help the elderly neighbor on your street with summer yard work
  8. Invite an overwhelmed friend’s children over for a few hours to give your friend a break
  9. Apologize for something you did wrong and ask for forgiveness
  10. Forgive someone who has wronged you
  11. Tell someone you love, “I love you”

And remember: fight for love, post, share and tag 5 friends!

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