Eugene’s family – Umoja LIFT community update, June

What would it be like to grow up with your brothers living in a one-room home? That’s what Eugene (pictured above, at left, outside the family home with his mother and younger brother), who receives support from our LIFT program, experiences every day in the urban area of Umoja, in Nairobi. The uncertainty of this boy’s life has led him to want to be a police officer one day, so that he can help “care for his nation.”

(L-R): Our Head Social Worker, Eliud Kipkorir, with Eugene and his mother (holding his younger brother).

Eugene’s older brother attends high school, and his younger brother is just 8 months old. His father works doing odd jobs at a school in Nairobi; the father’s wages are the sole support for the family. Eugene’s father and mother are from western Kenya; they migrated to Nairobi.

The family’s main challenges are obtaining drinking water – since their tap water is too salty to drink – and finding long-term employment. Competition for stable jobs in Nairobi is very high. They also would like to improve their housing situation. Since receiving LIFT funds, the family now can divert resources to pay the eldest son’s fees for high school and to meet the family’s medical needs. They are grateful for the support.

Eugene helps at home with the care of his infant brother and with chores like fetching drinking water. He attends a 6th-grade class in Blessed Carmen elementary school, where his favorite subject is science.

Eugene says that his teachers are nice and he believes “children in America do not walk to school.” After school, he enjoys playing soccer, like many children in the area.

Eliud Kipkorir (at right), visits with Eugene in the family home. Our Director in Kenya, Augustine Wanyama, holds Eugene’s infant brother.

Poverty is the leading cause of orphanhood in Kenya. LIFT is our family unification program providing assistance with food, education, and health care. Our aim is to keep families living in poverty together. Won’t you consider helping a family like Eugene’s? Go to our website to learn more or contribute:

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