“Exciting Updates from LUH: Expanding Impact in Kenya Communities”

A lot has changed in the past few months, and we’re thrilled to share some exciting news from the LUH family!

  1. Official Registration: We’re proud to announce that we are now officially registered in Kenya as an NGO under the name “Light Up Hope Africa.” This milestone allows us to collaborate with other NGOs in Kenya and seek additional funding to advance our mission of ending poverty in needy communities.
  2. Expanded Feeding Program: In Kajiado, our feeding program has grown. We’ve increased the number of lunch beneficiaries from 50,000 to over 60,000 in recent months. This means more children can focus on learning without hunger as a distraction. Schools in the program report not only stabilized attendance but also increased enrollments.
  3. Woven Program Success: Our Woven program has successfully admitted 20 girls to university, bringing the total supported to 106 young adults. Mentorship is thriving, with more mentors volunteering daily. This ensures our university students have valuable insights from experts in their chosen fields. We’re also collaborating with universities and companies to enhance mentorship outcomes.
  4. Continued Student Sponsorship: Our student sponsorship program continues to support primary and secondary education. Timely and full fee payments have kept all our students in class, improving their performance. During the recent school holiday, we met with high school beneficiaries to offer mentorship and address any challenges they may face.

These updates reflect our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made and the opportunities ahead as Light Up Hope Africa continues to grow and evolve. Thank you for your support in helping us change lives for the better.

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