From loss to opportunity, Molly’s Story

 Molly Akinyi is an orphan born in Bondo Municipality of Siaya County.  She is the second born in a family of two.  Their father and mother died when they were in their lower Primary School.  After the death of their mother, the girls were adopted by their aunt who lives in Umoja 3 estate of Nairobi. For now she sells rolled fried pancakes (chapati) in the estate. Life is not easy for the aunt as a single mother with 3 children and 2 adopted nieces. The family relies on porridge in the morning and a simple lunch of corn meal and kale or cabbage.

It was joyful for Molly and the aunt to receive news in January 2020 about an organization looking for orphans who have scored a mean grade of B and from deserving homes.  She was well known in the village and the chief identified her immediately.  Light Up Hope gave her a full scholarship where she was enrolled in Mbitini Girls High school.  This was news no one could believe.   She is happy that from the time she joined the program, Molly has never missed school.  She attends from the first to the closing day.  She has never been caught with discipline issues.  Academically she has started to improve after counseling.  She says she is proud of her sponsor’s work and prays that God will continue blessing all in this mission.

Molly has changed a lot from the time she joined this program.  She says she used to fear people  and especially the teachers and fellow students.  Now she has the confidence to ask questions and socialize with the other students and neighbors in the estate.  She sings well with others in the church.  All her friends confirm that she has a nice smile and sings well. She is working hard to improve her grades so as to join the WOVEN Program next year.  Molly’s dream career is to become a journalist.  She would love to write more on needy people and enlighten readers on successes.

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