High School Education Programs

Do you value education? Your sponsorship can alter the course of life for a child in need of an education.   In Kenya it is costly for a young adult to attend high school, most  high schools are boarding programs and the cost for one year is $1020 to cover uniforms, fees, supplies, transportation and pocket money.  Without a high school diploma the opportunities to break the cycle of poverty are dismal and for a young adult living in poverty, without a sponsor the fees are unattainable.   Read the bios below and consider sponsoring a student in need.

EllisI am so delighted writing this email on how it feels on having my high school fees sponsored, it was a worry while in primary school on what would happen next after my end of grade eight exams, what would happen to my academic life? How would my high school fees be paid? This were some of the thoughts I had, thinking about such was a devastation, a let down, a discouragement in my life to stop working hard in my school. But when I found out that my high school fees would be provided for a new light was switched on, like a rejuvenation in the academic journey, a new reason on why I had to work hard. It was a feeling like the lights to my future had been put on and were so bright. While in school I had a reason to smile, a reason to keep calm and focus on nothing else but what I had come to do: excelling in my studies. Not once in school, unlike other students was I sent home to bring fees, I was learning with others full time, I had no worries, no reason to worry of my studies being cut short due to lack of payment of school fees. I was always encouraged, happy and always thankful to Light Up Hope  for always having my back and I would forever be thankful to them as now am in the university working all the way to a successful future, what I always wanted, I am now here because of them and the feeling in me is more than imaginable gratefulness. May the Lord bless them.

~ Ellis, Light Up Hope high school sponsorship graduate, now attending University of Nairobi majoring in economics.

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