High School Students

Meet Maureen, she is a second year high school student. Her mother lives in a village in central Kenya called Kibingoti and works selling fruits and vegetables along the road and does not have enough income to afford to pay for Maureen to attend a good school.  Maureen is a fine student and we are happy to give her the opportunity to receive a high quality education despite the financial restrictions on her family.


In Kenya the high quality high schools are boarding schools and the average cost for one year in school is $1022 for all of the student’s needs. Students who are sponsored through Light Up Hope for high school education will also be given the opportunity to continue with the Joseph’s House program upon the completion of high school and to pursue university or trade school education. Sponsorship of our high school students will provide the following:

◦    All school fees and supplies, including room and board, uniforms and transportation to and from school on school breaks.

◦    Support for a suitable guardian and living space during the three annual school breaks. All of our students come from extremely impoverished backgrounds so when they are not in school their parents and guardians need help to provide for food, medical care and shelter for these students.


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