How a university education changed my life!

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My grandparents and parents were migrant workers; they traveled between Colorado and Texas for work. My grandparents on both sides of the family have no higher than an early elementary education. While growing up, my Dad and his siblings went to school in Colorado for part of the year. When the work was done in Colorado, they went back to Texas with their family and went to school there for the other part of the year.

Rodgers, a Joseph’s House student, outside his trade school.

When my Dad was in 8th grade, my grandparents decided they wanted something better for their kids. They wanted them to finish a full year of school at one location. My grandparents decided the way to achieve this goal was to move to Ohio to take factory jobs and raise their kids. For my grandparents, high school education was vital, and they pushed my father and his siblings to do great in school and achieve this goal. However, once my Dad received his high school diploma, he realized even that would not be enough and that he would need a university education to truly get ahead in life.

My Dad held a full-time job, had a family, and went to night school at a local university. He sacrificed precious time with his family, knowing that earning a university degree would change his children’s future. As my brother and I were growing up, my Dad knew that a minimum we also would need a university education. In our house, NOT going to university was not an option.

Joseph’s House student, Joseph, visits primary schoolchildren in Kibingoti, Kenya.

Because of the sacrifices my grandparents and my father made and their conviction that higher education was critical, my brother and I both received university diplomas and now live more comfortable lives than either our parents or our grandparents did.

University education changed the trajectory of my future and of future generations to come in my family.

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YOU can help to change the life of a university or trade school student in Kenya who desperately wants a chance at a different future.

Unfortunately, our program supporting students seeking higher education, called Joseph’s House, is underfunded by $15,000 going into 2019.

Unless we raise these funds, we will not be able to enroll 2 graduating high school seniors into this vital program. Our high schoolers work hard all year in hopes of securing a spot in the program.

I ask you to join me in providing opportunities to our students in Kenya. Without support to continue their education beyond high school, many students from impoverished backgrounds fall back into the cycle of poverty. Let’s help them achieve a different future, together.

Thank you for your support.

~Diana Mays, Chief Operating Officer, Light Up Hope

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