I was inspired by Orphan Sunday, but how can I help?

Sarah peeks out with a smile from her room at the safe house in Nairobi

Were you inspired by Orphan Sunday but don’t feel ready to jump into adoption or foster care?  Light Up Hope supports 30 children in Kenya who are unable to be adopted.  They are smart, loving and fun children but their only option right now is to live in an orphanage.  They could really use your financial support.

  • A donation as little as $20 would cover food costs for one child for one month.
  • $60 would provide a new school uniform and shoes for a child.
  • $110 would provide a child with a new bed, sheets, blankets and a mosquito net.

They don’t have parents to buy these essential items for them.  Could you be the one they need?  Visit our DONATION Page today and make a donation by check or credit card.

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