Joseph’s House

Joseph’s House is a program for orphans and impoverished young adults who need a place to belong. The program includes life skills classes and weekly counseling sessions.

EmotionLifeSkillsJoseph’s House Transitional Program is an empowerment program of Light Up Hope. Light Up Hope Empowerment programs offer support to develop pathways from dependence on donations towards self-reliance through cost cutting and income generating projects. Our empowerment programs also ignite hope for the children in our program by providing education, mentorship and small business opportunities, creating a bridge out of poverty and into self-sustainability as they approach adulthood.

This program exists to come alongside young adults in a time of transition to build knowledge, skills, support and community that can lead towards breaking the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for young adults to be self-reliant members of their community. This is done through providing community living, life skills and education.

The Problem

It is estimated that there are 2.3 million orphans in Kenya alone ( Currently, many of these orphans face the reality that they will age out of the orphanage system and be forced to enter a world without family, support or access to many resources. This reality can lead to a life on the streets consisting of poverty, crime, prostitution, and depression. Some children may have benefited from early intervention from a children’s home or orphanage, but because many children have experienced great trauma they are still not quite ready for the transition when it is their time to leave the safety of their children’s home. Joseph’s House is a solution to that problem. This program will provide a transitional time for young adults to build the life skills they need to become self reliant, healthy, contributing members of their society.

The Solution

Joseph’s House Program’s foundation is built on the word of God and gets it’s name from Genesis. “Out of the hardships of our lives, we will rise to become great leaders of our country, our community, and our family”. Just as the Lord gave Joseph success in whatever he did (Genesis 39:23) we know that it is through Jesus Christ that the impossible is achieved and lives are changed. Joseph’s House Program identifies self-reliant opportunities that give young adults who age out of Hope Children’s home skills, education and job training programs giving them a better chance to exit the cycle of poverty.

Sponsorship Opportunities

High School Students

University School Students

Trade School Students

Life Skills & Job Training