Kibingoti LIFT community, March update

Light Up Hope staff and local villagers cross a muddy stream.

8-year-old Tamasha’s family – one of our LIFT families in Kibingoti – doesn’t worry as much about her future now that her school fees are paid. Tamasha lives with her 5 older brothers and parents in rural Kahuhoini village, where they struggle to put food on the table once each day and get clean water for daily needs. As you can see from the pictures our staff took on their visit with Tamasha’s family, creeks and roads become muddy when it rains, making both travel and collection of clean water even more difficult.

Tamasha’s mother supports the entire family through short-term, insecure work in more affluent towns, nearby. It is only through income from the mother’s unpredictable employment, that the family is able to eat their only meal each day. Tamasha’s father is an absentee dad.

Tamasha wants to be a teacher some day, so that she can help other kids. She enjoys playing with her friends at school. Her favorite subjects are math and English. At home, she helps her mother with household chores like collecting firewood, fetching water from a nearby stream, and washing dishes. She wonders how children in America study for school.

LIFT sponsors are helping families in Kibingoti to send their children to school and empowering parents – especially mothers – to participate in their communities. Tamasha’s mother reports that she is able to attend school meetings and talk with the other parents, now that she is no longer in debt with the school (since Tamasha’s school fees have been paid through our LIFT program). Due to both increased financial resources and improved social status, Tamasha’s mother has access to much-needed social resources previously unavailable to her, an important outcome for this mother and girl and their entire family.

From left – 2 of Tamasha’s 5 brothers; Tamasha; Tamasha’s mother, Mercy.

LIFT is our family unification program that seeks to keep poor children united with their families by assisting with food, education, and health care needs.

If you are not yet LIFTing up a family, remember that YOU can help.

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