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LIGHT UP HOPE’S PASSION IS TO PROVIDE HEALING ORPHAN CARE AND LIGHT A PATH OUT OF POVERTY We accomplish this goal through programs which are intentional about providing emotional and spiritual care as well as physical care, educational opportunities, mentorship and life skills training. To learn more about our mission and programs visit our ABOUT  page and MAKE A DIFFERENCE pages.

ORGANIZATIONAL FINANCIALS 85% of all donations go directly to the care and well being of the children and adults in our program. Administration of Light Up Hope (Marketing, fundraising, staffing, etc) are paid for with the remaining 15% plus any designated administrative donations.

Donation income and grants provided to our Kenyan operations:

Year Donation Income Grants Given Notes
2011 $‎ 17,117 $‎ 0 *fundraising began in December 2011
2012 $‎ 57,511 $‎ 54,258  
2013 $‎ 96,771 $‎ 66,285  
2014 $‎ 208,530 $‎ 89,807  
2015 $‎ 207,191 $‎ 226,564  
2016 (Jan-Oct) $‎ 64,374 $‎ 73,860

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DONATEIMAGEDo you want to help? 

You can support the care of the children through a one time or monthly donation to Light Up Hope.  Donate with credit card by clicking the “Donate Now” button or by mailing a check to : Light Up Hope – 2605 W. 144th Ave Broomfield, CO 80023