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ChildSponsor2Light Up Hope’s child sponsorship program is designed to be aligned with the best practices of global child sponsorship.  When you sponsor a child through Light Up Hope you can be assured that the money you contribute will provide for the welfare of not just “a child” but the child you sponsor. We encourage letter writing with your child.  When you sign up to sponsor a child you will receive a quarterly letter from your child and you will have the option to write to them on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Because we value the relationship and encouragement that a child receives from a personal relationship with their sponsor, Light Up Hope will cover the postage fees for letters sent to and from Kenya.

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Light Up Hope Child Sponsorship provides for: school fees, clean water, food, clothing, shelter, loving caretakers and access to medical care for all of the children.  We have three opportunities for child sponsorship on the child of your choice.  Spark and Flame sponsorship are great options for someone who is on a tighter budget; they are half sponsorships for a child.  You can choose to sponsor either their basic needs OR educational and emotional needs.  Light Up Hope will seek a second donor to cover the second half sponsor.  Hearth Sponsors cover the full range of costs to provide for the basic needs, emotional needs and educational needs.



SPARK Sponsor: Meeting Basic Needs – $33/month

Start a child off right with their basic needs met.  Your monthly donation will cover clean water, food, clothing and shelter costs for your child for one month.




FLAME Sponsor: Meeting Educational and Emotional Needs – $33/month

Meet the needs of a child beyond basic needs.  Your monthly donation ensures resources are available for your child to have access to medical care, loving caretakers and the opportunity to go to school (for preschool through grade 8 schooling*).  



HEARTH Sponsor: Meeting the Full Range of Needs – $66/month

Hearth sponsorship guarantees your child will have the full range of their needs met: basic needs + educational needs + emotional needs


*High School fees are exceptionally high in Kenya.  In order to send one child to high school the school fees can range from $700-$1200 per year.  Because of this additional expense we provide high school education sponsorships under Empowerment Programs.  If the child you choose to sponsor is high school age your child sponsorship education money will be put towards providing for their school supplies, school uniforms and other requirements of high school attendance.


Support for our in-country partner to develop a path away from dependance on donations and towards self-sufficiency through cost cutting and income generating projects. Our empowerment programs also ignite hope for the children in our program by providing education, mentorship and small business opportunities that will create a bridge out of poverty as they approach adulthood.


  • Raising livestock: dairy cow to provide fresh milk for the children’s dietary needs. Sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens to provide protein as well as a safety net for unexpected and immediate financial needs for medical bills.
  • 7 acre vegetable and maize farm to reduce food costs and increase nutrition
  • Tilapia and Catfish farming to meet nutritional needs of children as well as to sell in the local market
  • Aquaponics Initiatives, experimenting with improving vegetable and fish production by utilizing cutting edge organic aquaculture and hydroponics farming techniques.
  • French bean horticulture and export project.

CURRENT EDUCATION SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: sponsor a young adult to attend high school or a post-graduate to attend trade school.  Visit our Empowerment projects page to see a list of ways you can empower orphans to break out of the cycle of poverty.  View our education sponsorship opportunities>>



Granting the funding needed to purchase land and establish safe and nurturing housing for orphaned and vulnerable children.  Improvement Projects expand or improve the physical space where the children live and play.  Past projects have included: construction of the boys and girls dorms, construction of  the new kitchen, building fencing around the property to separate play space from the grazing space for the goats and cows.

CURRENT IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS: improving the fish ponds and bringing electricity to the property and surrounding neighborhood.



You can support improvement projects,  empowerment programs and the care of the children through a one time or monthly donation to the general fund of Light Up Hope.  Donate with credit card by clicking the “Donate Now” button or by check to :

Light Up Hope
PO Box 189
Broomfield, CO 80038