A letter from Stephen

Stephen is a quiet yet outgoing young man with a big heart and he is one of our first year high schoolers this year.   From a young age Stephen was compelled to do difficult child labor in the mining industry to help his family survive.  When our Kenyan partners, Fred and Alice, found him working in the mine they offered to bring him to Hope Children’s Home where all of his needs would be provided for and where he could enjoy his childhood and be educated.  Education is very important to Stephen and he has a wonderful and supportive sponsor family that have been sponsoring him for the past year and they are now sponsoring his high school fees. We are so grateful to them for their love and care for this very special young man – who came from a rough background but can see his future shining brightly! Will you pray with us to thank God for the blessings of his sponsor and to give Stephen success in his high school education over the course of the next four years so that he may achieve his dream to grow up and help the poor?  He sure deserves it!

My name is Stephen, I am fifteen years old. I did my KCPE examination last year and scored 367 marks. I was very happy when I saw my performance, everyone was also happy when they heard that I had performed well.

While I was in class eight I was a friend of books. In all that I did I put God first, since God blesses the work of our hands. I used to read and pray to God to help me remember what I read when I was in the exam room.

My dream is helping the poor one day in my life – Stephen Yohana

When I was in class eight I wanted to score 350 and above, one day my friend, Maxwell told me that a person must aim at the sun and he or she will land at the moon, so I changed my mind and kept a target of 400 marks.

I have now joined Friends Kabuyefwe boys High School. Joining secondary school marks the beginning of a new level in my life. I really miss my old friends but that does not mean that I am lonely, I have made new friendship with the teachers and fellow students. Whenever I have any problem I approach my teachers for assistance just the way I did in primary school. Teachers everywhere are alike; they make sure their students come out with the best of all. Since I joined baby class to where I am now U have seen that all the teachers have got love in them. That is why I am open to them.

In our class some people are afraid of talking to teachers and yet they are just people like us. I am trying to follow the school rules. I want to perform well in school and the only I can do is by working smart. Since obedience is better than sacrifice I make sure to obey my school parents and prefects.
Many people want the best from me and I am going to show them that I can do it. My dream is helping the poor one day in my life. I can achieve this by reading. When I remember our primary school motto, “Education is the key to success”, I usually feel like reading. The roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet, so I am going to do well in school to make my fruits sweeter.

I want to follow the footsteps of those that were before me in school and have passed. Not only will I pass my exams but also be a good example to those who are behind me. I am so happy because I have joined form one. My dream was to cross the bridge to secondary school. I also believe I will cross another bridge to university.

This is only possible when I concentrate on my academics and follow what God has planned in my future. Truly everything is possible under the sun. I know that I am going to perform well in everything that I do if only I let the right driver, Jesus, to drive me to success.


Stephen in his new school uniform
Stephen in his new school uniform

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