LIFT Program


LIFT – Linking Individual Families To: Food, Education, Healthcare

Children should not have to leave their family because of poverty Within families, children learn and participate in family and cultural traditions, have a sense of shared history, and learn important social skills that help them engage and interact as a family and community members later in life” ~ International Journal of Child & Family Welfare

Our LIFT program provides families with monthly support for food, education and healthcare. Parents and guardians receive the support they need to keep their children in their home.  Children maintain the safety of their loving home, being raised in a family environment with their loving parent or guardian and receiving the emotional care only a family can provide

Our community outreach efforts at Hope Children’s Home have resulted in deepening relationships with local families.  We have seen the depth of the poverty and struggles these families are facing to survive. Because Hope Children’s Home provides wholesome food, shelter, care and education many desperate neighbors approach us to see if they can relinquish their child into our care.  Our LIFT program is designed to support these families while keeping their children in their homes.  Research shows that family based care is the best situation for all children.  For just $40 per month LIFT sponsors can provide the resources these families need to meet the needs of their children.