Light Up Hope Spotlight: Cecilia

Cecilia is 16 years old and is in her first year of high school.  She enjoys studying English at school and would like to be a family doctor when she is older.  Cecilia’s favorite thing about living at Hope Children’s Home is how spacious and open the land is there. Below is a letter that Cecilia wrote to Light Up Hope.


Hi!  I hope you are fine.  I am also fine here at Kitale in the safe house.  I am writing this letter to you to let you know how I am going on here at the safe house.

In the year 2005 when I lost my parents my big brothers decided to take us to our grand parents.  We stayed there but we did not go back to school.  My grand parents had no money to take us back to school.

Some few weeks my brother went to Nairobi to visit my aunt.  When he was at Nairobi walking around he decided to look for a safe house where he would take my younger brother there.  Two weeks later my brother came back to my grand parents and told them that he would take my younger brother to a children’s home and me would take me to Nairobi stay with my aunt.

From that day when my younger brother was taken to a children’s home I have never seen him 10 years from that day up to this year we have never seen each other.

Life was very hard there some times we would got to sleep hungry because my grandparents would not go to look for food and there were no money in that family.

All of the friends that we had they had already disappeared.  We all went for a hard life. Pupils went to school but we just used to watch them from far.

When I went to Nairobi my aunt took me to a children’s home where I met a lot of children in the year 2006.  Maadam Alice welcomed me very with pastor Fred Afwai where they told me that they would take me back to school I was very happy to hear those good news from those two kindly people.

I started making friendship with other children at the safe house I saw that life was very easy to me when I started looking at the picture of back to my home.

In the year 2012 we traveled to Kitale November where the class eight of last year came to sit for an exam of class seven to be promoted to class eight.

After the exam we went back to Nairobi where we had gone so that we would come back with all our goods and with other children at the safe house.

In the 2013 I sat for my end term exam in primary school K.C.P.E. where I did not score a high mark but I managed to get 232 but I thanked God so much because I joined a secondary school called A1C Kimoson Girls.  Where I am trying my best because I well know that life is after there.

This home has really helped me and I would ask God to bless Maadam Alice and Pastor Fred Afwai because they have really helped me so much for ten good years they have protected me until now.

Yours sincerely,

Cecilia WanJiru


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