Light Up Hope Spotlight: Joseph Wanjau

Joseph is 18 years old and in his third year at Kabuyefwe Friends High School. Joseph’s favorite subject in school is biology, and he hopes to be a surgeon one day. Below is a letter that Joseph wrote to Light Up Hope.


The journey to Lukenya was all well although at one point the police had stopped us.  When we were released, the journey continued well and at the camp we were welcomed with open hands.

I saw new faces of guys which I had never seen before.  We were then given name tags which indicated the name and tent where one belonged.  It was around 5pm and the climate changed all of a sudden.  As I walked to my tent I felt a cold wind blow past me.

I opened the tent and jumped in – for the first time in my life I entered a tent.  It was very warm inside and I wished I could stay in there forever.  Later we were called for supper and the food was very delicious and in abundant.  After supper we went for evening service and later entertainment which ended at 10pm when we went to sleep.  The first day I was scared but got used to it.

The rest of the days all went good and I enjoyed myself as I interacted with new friends.  I was very happy when my group which I was in was announced as the best group in the camp.

On the last day we were entertained by DJ Moh and had a chance to take photos with him.

I would like to thank you because you are the ones who facilitated my going there.  May God bless you and add you more.  Thank you.

-Joseph Wanjau, Abide Camp Reportjoseph slackline


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