Light Up Hope Spotlight: Victor

VictorVictor is 15 years old. Victor’s favorite subject in school is Kiswahili, the Swahili language.  When he grows up, he wants to be an electrical engineer.  He wants to give back to his community by helping his parents once he has a job.  Victor loves that there is plenty of space for planting at Hope Children’s Home. Below is a letter Victor wrote to Light Up Hope.

My name is Victor.  I am 15 years old.  I am in grade seven at a school called Kapchepsir primary school.  These are the challenges that I was facing before I came to Hope Children’s Home.  First I was not able to attend the school every day.  I was going in a week just like four days.  When the time reached four examination I would not do all the exams because of school fees.  Second I was going to work for people in their shamba’s so that I can get some money for buying food.  I and my parents we all went to do the work so that we can get for buying other many things.  The third is that I did not know my talent.  I did not have time to rest or just sit down and read.  That time I was doing work for adults.  I did not have friends to play with.  After all those things Pastor came with my aunt from Nairobi.  Pastor talked to my grandmother that time I was living with my grandmother.  Because she knew my problem she accepted me to come and join with others.  That was the year of 2010.  It was date 28 August 2010.  I went at school at grade three.  That time I did not know how to read.  After two weeks I was reading well.  I learned at Candle Light primary school up to grade five then we came to Kitale.  This home has helped me to have a good life.  I am not struggling how I was struggling at our home.  I have time to rest and read.  I like this home very much.  How I am visualizing this home is going to help me pursue my goal and have a bright future.  My dream is that when I grow up I would like to be an engineer.  After getting my work I would like to help other people and treat all the people equally how we are being treated here.  I am hoping to have a wonderful life through God with the help of this home.


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