Make A Difference

If you are visiting our website you already have a passion to help, but often people feel stuck, wondering if their financial contribution can make a difference in the life of an individual they have never met because the problem of poverty and injustice is overwhelming at times.  However, the individual lives that are touched through your generous contributions to Light Up Hope provide the stepping stones for orphans, impoverished children and young adults to navigate their lives towards healing, financial stability and hope for their futures.

DONATE to the programs that provide healing and light a path out of poverty

  • General fund – a donation to the general fund allows Light Up Hope to use the funds in any area which is in need of funding for our programs in Kenya which benefit orphans, impoverished children and young adults as well as community development
  • Administrative Costs – Light Up Hope has US-based staff, marketing costs, expenses for staff to travel to Kenya, fundraising and program development costs which we have pledged to cover with no more than 15 cents on every dollar donated. By donating directly to cover administrative costs you help Light Up Hope grow as an organization and retain our passionate and committed US-based staff, allowing us to better serve our program beneficiaries in Kenya.

LEARN more about our programs:

WOVEN: Women of Vision Education iNitiative – University Scholarships for Exceptional Young Women

High School and Primary School Sponsorship – Providing education opportunities for children in Kenya

Primary School Feeding Program – Providing breakfast and lunch for primary age students living in communities affected by poverty, malnourishment and famine