Mary’s family – Kibingoti LIFT community, June update

Mary (pictured above with her father), who is supported by our LIFT program, lives on a tiny, half-acre farm in Kibingoti. Mary and her 2 older siblings are cared for by their single father. He started supporting the family on his own when their mother tragically passed away. Their father farms crops on their land, but he was recently injured. Mary and her siblings now must rely on their aunt for food and clothing.

Our Head Social Worker in Kenya, Eliud Kipkorir and Light Up Hope alumnus, Edward Mwangi, talk with Mary and her father, Benson.

Residents of this rural area in central Kenya face many challenges including a lack of clean water, poorly maintained dirt roads, and limited or no access to electricity, to name a few. Alcoholism is also a widespread social problem in this area; the consumption of illicit liquor brewed at home prevents parents from properly caring for their families and also leads to many divorces.

Reliable employment is another challenge. Adults find it difficult to obtain even casual (short-term) work. This work itself is unpredictable and far from adequate for supporting a family.

Mary reports that she is staying with her aunt while attending the fourth grade in Kahuho-ini Primary School. She loves math and wants to be a teacher when she grows up! “In America,” she says, “children drive to school, unlike we, who walk.”

Her family is grateful for support from LIFT, which has unburdened them from worrying about the children’s futures as much. They still have a need, however, for help educating all of the children as well as for meeting the basic needs of the family (since they now must rely on an aunt for help). Mary thanks her sponsors (below)!

Poverty is the leading cause of orphanhood in Kenya. LIFT is our family unification program providing assistance with food, education, and health care. Our aim is to keep families living in poverty together. Won’t you consider helping a family like Mary’s have a better life? Go to our website to learn more or contribute:

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