Meet One of Our Trade School Students

I am John Biboh from Kenya. I am 20 years old and in life I have quite a number of things to achieve. One of my biggest dream in life is to be one of the best engineers in mechanical engineering, I want be like an inventor of a kind. Also I would like to have a big garage so that I can also create employment for other mechanics and also function as a school for the youths who would like to join the mechanical engineering field. 

About my schooling, I would like to thank Light Up Hope for paying my fee and for the support towards my school. All the dreams I have are useless if not sharpened. My going to school of mechanical engineering will really help a lot and act as a stepping stone for my journey to the brighter future. With my knowledge on mechanical engineering, it will be easier for me to open a garage that can serve people and also educate the young stars in the same field. When I am done with the schooling, it will be easier for me to get a job with the papers and at least have some money to sustain my life and also support my parents. When I am finished with the school I will have the courage to face the world with the knowledge that I will be having.

My second ranked dream is to have the ability to help the community around me to have a better life and also be a man who can be a mentor to the others who would have bigger dreams and bigger minds so that they can have a person to look at and inspire them to live and work hard to get to their dreams as well. Basically, I would like to have a bright future that can also brighten the lives of other youths after I have found success.

By John Biboh – Mechanical Engineering Student

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