Mission Statement

Light Up Hope is a Christian, non-profit, 501c3 global orphan initiative of Discovery-A Christian Church in Broomfield, Colorado.  Light Up Hope’s mission is to raise funds to serve the needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Eastern Africa.

The Vision

To recast the definition of orphanage and group home care.  An orphanage does not have to be a terrible place for a child to grow up.  It can be fun, healthy, loving, and emotionally supportive for children who do not have an opportunity for kin care, foster care or adoption.  It is our vision to find creative solutions to offer a continuum of care for OVCs, including but not limited to; orphanages, group homes, foster care and family care environments.

The Mission

OVCs are intelligent individuals with much potential if only they are given a way to have their human needs met.
We have a mission to provide for the human needs of OVCs in underfunded care environments.  These needs include; adequate nutrition, healthcare, safety, education, clothing, shelter, play and to have their spiritual and psychological needs attended to.   It is our mission to connect caretakers of OVCs with the resources they need to provide for these needs.

The Friend

Our partners are more than care-providers; they are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, they are creative, visionary people who are looking for a FRIEND to stand by them and help move their orphan ministry to the next level.  We develop relationships with partners who are presently caring for OVCs, and are in need of financial support.  It is our mission to work intimately with our partner to nurture a plan to improve the physical, educational, spiritual and emotional environment of care.

The Children

We work intimately with one partner at a time, we know the children by name.  We meet them in person, get to know them, play with them, encourage them, and seek solutions for igniting change in their lives.  It is our belief that simply because a child’s life circumstances lead them to care outside their birth families, doesn’t mean that their story has to end there.  It is paramount to our relationship that these children know hope for their futures.

The Plan

We believe our partners know best the cultural, political and environmental background of their ministry, and we believe they know the best solution to providing improvement in the lives of their children.  We act as a friend who provides additional ideas, support and resources to refine their plan, and financial assistance to make their vision a reality.

The Knowledge

Through our operations and fundraising efforts it is our goal to raise awareness among American citizens of the plight of the orphan.  We believe when people are given an understanding of the plight of real individual children, they will be moved to compassion; and with compassion comes action.

“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless;  maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.”  Psalm 82:3