Mission Trips


Make an impact on the lives of orphans and children living in poverty by bringing a willingness to learn, serve, and encourage the children and adults who make Hope Children’s Home a place of hope and healing. As part of the trip process we will help you identify the skills and passions you have that can make an impact as a member of the mission team.

Light Up Hope mission trips have a Christian spiritual component: we go to help and to show love because we follow the teachings of Jesus.  You can expect times of prayer, some bible teaching by one or more members of the mission team and to attend church in Kenya on a Sunday.  Our partners are Kenyan Christians and their faith is a foundation of their work.  However, we welcome people of all backgrounds on their spiritual journey; atheists, agnostics and people with different faith backgrounds.  All we ask of all our trip members is to show up with a tolerant heart, open mind, and respectful stature towards the beliefs of your teammates and our Kenyan partners.

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