Nellah’s family – Kibingoti LIFT community, Sept 2018

Nellah, who receives funding from our LIFT program in order to attend school, tragically lost her mother last year to lupus. After her mother’s death, Nellah’s father was unable to care any longer for his daughter and her two brothers. Their aunt fortunately took them in, and they now live with her family in rural Kibingoti.

This large extended family of 7 – 3 adults and 4 children – lives in a 3-room home with mud walls and cement floors, in the countryside. They grow produce which helps to feed the family as well as to generate income, when the excess can be sold at local markets. When rains make the local dirt roads muddy, however, the produce unfortunately spoils before it can be brought to market. The gift of LIFT funds for Nellah’s school fees allows the family to send Nellah’s younger brothers to school, as well. They are very thankful for the support.

(L-R): Nellah’s aunt, holding a cousin; Nellah; and Nellah’s 2 brothers, outside their home in rural Kibingoti.

Like any child, Nellah has dreams for her future. She loves studying math and English and wants to become a nurse when she is grown up. Her goal after becoming a nurse is to treat people in her own village. She also helps at home with washing dishes and fetching water from a nearby stream. She wonders whether any children in America will get to meet her, someday!

Poverty is the leading cause of orphanhood in Kenya. And LIFT is our family unification program helping with food, education, and health care in rural and urban areas in Kenya. Our hope is that YOUR support will help to keep families together! Learn more or join our group of dedicated sponsors at:

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