A New Family Member

By Cheryln Morin

My first trip here in 2012, I was smitten by a young boy named Hilary. His quiet demeanor, his huge grin, his inquisitive nature. I have grown more and more fond of him each visit. He has grown into a fine young man of 16. Still quiet and a bit shy but growing into a leader who cares about and takes care of those around him. In the past few days it has warmed my heart to be able to watch him and my son Eli interact. Eli follows him around and asks questions and Hilary quietly and patiently answers them one by one. They teach each other games and just enjoy each other’s company. Eli is smitten just as I am. Eli is trying to convince me that Hilary needs to become his big brother. I tell him it won’t take much to convince me. Eli was even looking at a necklace I wear with my kids birthstones on it and tells me I’ll have to add another for April because that’s when Hilary’s birthday is.

It’s a crazy thing to see two worlds you love colliding and joining to become something you love even more.

Yesterday we had the honor of accompanying Hilary to a new school where he is hoping to enroll. It was a grueling day of entrance exams and waiting and interviews and waiting and waiting and waiting. But at the end of a long day I was honored to join Hilary as he sat before the administration officer and watch him humbly accept the invitation to join the school. I was as proud of him as I would be either of my own children and so honored to be part of an important day in his life.

I would be thrilled to call Hilary my son and am blessed to have him as part of my life.a new family member

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