Our Exciting Progress In The Feeding Program

We are excited to share the latest updates on our feeding program, which is making a significant impact on students in Kajiado and Nairobi, particularly in the Kajiado region. We support over 59,000 students in 166 schools, with 164 of them located in Kajiado. In this blog post, we will highlight our program’s remarkable achievements and the measures we have taken to ensure efficiency, transparency, and positive outcomes.

Efficiency and Transparency:
To ensure smooth operations, we established a Community-Taskforce-Committee (CTC) in collaboration with the Kajiado community and local authorities. This committee oversees the program, ensures effective resource utilization, and addresses challenges. By involving the community and authorities, we foster ownership and collective responsibility.

Harnessing Technology for Monitoring:
We have incorporated GPS tracking systems to monitor food deliveries, ensuring timely supply to schools. This innovative approach enhances accountability and transparency, instilling confidence in our program’s effectiveness.

Positive Impact on Enrollment, Retention, and Learning:
Participating schools have reported significant improvements in enrollment, retention, and learning outcomes. Our program addresses classroom hunger, motivating students to attend school regularly and unlock their potential.

Investment in the Feeding Program:
We invest over 17 million per month to sustain and expand our program. Funds are allocated to procure quality food supplies, transportation, monitoring measures, and logistics. Responsible financial management maximizes the impact of every dollar.

The Road Ahead:
We aspire to support more children in need, irrespective of their location. Through partnerships with communities, organizations, and individuals who share our vision, we aim to empower learners and create a brighter, equitable future.

Our feeding program positively impacts the lives of over 59,000 students in Kajiado and Nairobi. Efficient monitoring, community collaboration, and technology integration ensure consistent nourishment and improved educational outcomes. Our commitment remains unwavering as we forge ahead. With continued support, we believe no child should face hunger’s barriers in education. Together, let’s nourish minds and empower communities for a brighter future.

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