Overwhelmed by the Incredible Response

We can’t stop the poverty and disease that creates orphans, but we can help ONE ORPHAN at a time have HOPE for LIFE

As of May 28th, we had just under $1000 in our bank account and no clear path to the $8,200 needed to make the next payment on the land, and yet we were facing a crisis that required we make this payment so we may expedite construction on the land.  Our board made the decision to walk by faith in prayer and hope that the Lord would provide the money needed for the next payment.  As of today, June 21st, we have $15,600 in our account – almost DOUBLE the amount needed!  We spoke with our Kenyan Partner, Fred Afwai, this morning and he said, “Truly this is a miracle, we have been blessed…when we shared with the children about getting the money we have been praying for, they all joined us to thank God for the miracles”.

In just 14 days we received donations that will enable us to start the process of construction of a small initial home for the children.  This is an amazing first step in our project to provide a new orphan refuge out of the slums of Nairobi.

  • Thank you to each and every donor; our friends, our family, our church community, perfect strangers, and our organization supporters. Through your generosity we are able to continue to advocate for the health, well being and SAFETY of these children.
  • A very special thank you to our generous matching gift donor for their gift of $4,000 and to Discovery Christian Church for their incredible donation of $7,000.

Follow our blog or follow us on facebook to watch the progress on the land; growing fresh vegetables and fruit, construction of the fish ponds, construction of the new safe house, and photos and updates on Sarah, Everline, Edward, Eric and all of the children at the safe house.

Hands with Hope Directors, Alice and Fred, and LUH Executive Director, Kelly, on site at the orphanage relocation land. March 2012

One thought on “Overwhelmed by the Incredible Response

  1. Truly amazing! This is a testament that there are loving and caring people out there! Congratulations!

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