Please Pray with Us to Support these Children

the children smile outside their new home
the children smile outside their new home

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Here are a few specific things to be praying about for the Afwai’s and the children both in Nairobi and Kitale!

1. Fred and Alice are working with a social worker to make complete files for all of the orphans. With these completed files, they will be eligible for food from the government.  Please pray that the guardians of each the children can produce the legitimate birth certificates of each child, so that their individual files may be complete and the Afwais can get extra help from the Kenyan government.  Birth certificates are also essential for the children who will be entering high school next year.

2. The land in Kitale is almost ready with new buildings: a kitchen and study area and the girl’s dorm. Once these buildings are completed Fred and Alice will be looking to see if they can take in more children from the surrounding community.
Pray that Fred and Alice will have keen judgement in seeing which children are in most need of their love and care. And pray that they are guided through the selection process with wisdom and love.

3. Fred recently joined with a local pastor to start a church in Kitale. Pray that Fred can make good community connections with the people of their area. Also pray for his reaching out to the community and ask that God help him to see and help needs accordingly.

One thought on “Please Pray with Us to Support these Children

  1. Great to see all of the kids in such a great place! Very excited for Fred to be starting another ministry. His community will be very blessed by his leadership and ability to build community. Praying for Alice and the Social Worker as the support each of the children and research their family information. Wonderful progress!

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